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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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,, bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. problems. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. today a team of experts with a new plan to solve oakland's crime problems now we're learning exactly what oakland is doing wrong and how
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it should fix things as the police department watches a sudden changing of the guard. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. we have more details on the oakland report coming up in a moment. first, one of the bay area's most wanted is behind bars after evading officers for weeks. 42-year-old dimitri storm was arrested in oakland tuesday night. he was wanted in santa cruz, marin and sonoma counties for over 40 vehicle burglaries and thefts. officers cornered storm on two separate occasions but he was able to get away. he is now lock up and is expected in court tomorrow. now to that much- anticipated report on oakland's police department. the bratton report highlights the department's shortcomings and how to improve them. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live with the breakdown. >> reporter: here is the report. cost the city of oakland $250,000. it cites a lot of deficiencies in basic police work in the
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city known as the new robbery capital of the united states. oakland's top brass gathered at opd headquarters to talk about the so-called crime reduction project report that criticizes the past and looks toward the future. >> what's happened in this department is that they have been hit by a massive attrition over the last five years and they have been making adjustments along the way. some of them have been that well thought out. >> reporter: among the consultant's findings, crime scene investigators working without direct supervision and are disorganized. the report found problems with the digital photo file system saying it's so slow that officers rarely used it to find robbery suspects. and when officers collect fingerprints from burglary scenes, they rarely compare them to those found at other crime scenes. the same goes for analyzing shell casings. the report says officers are missing possible crime connections. >> when you have 1600 robberies in this city, you don't have
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1600 robbers. you have the same people that continue to commit these crimes mostly in their local district,le this they're interfered with. >> reporter: the report calls for the department to have less central control. the city will now create direct investigative units that give district captains more control and much more responsibility. the report doesn't say exactly how much implementing these reforms will cost, and the city doesn't know yet how it will pay. >> hoping the economy continues to grow. we are going to be going after grants. we are going to do more joint partners but i'm pretty confident, this is the city's priority. >> reporter: this press conference was supposed to happen yesterday but was preempted by a surprise announcement from chief howard jordan, who suddenly stepped down from his post citing health concerns. his replacement, interim chief anthony toribio, spoke today. >> the report is very critical of the police department in several areas, and we welcome
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the criticism because we want to get better. >> reporter: now, some of the recommendations in this report are already being implemented in east oakland. the recommendations are expected to go citywide within six months. live in oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> you can read the complete bratton report on the oakland police department at our website, the former school bus driver accused of raping and beating three cleveland women over a decade was in court today. ines ferre with new details on what may be a suicide note left behind by ariel castro and a warning, some of the court details may be difficult to hear. reporter: the 52-year-old suspect charged with rape and kidnapping stared at the floor avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room. ariel castro's hands were shackled in front of him. he kept his chin tucked inside his dark jail suit during the five-minute hearing. >> good morning, your honor. >> reporter: the prosecutor said the tables have turned in
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this case pointing out that castro is now in captivity while the women he is accused of holding prisoner for a decade are now free. >> repeated beatings. they were bound and restrained and sexually assaulted. they were never free. >> reporter: bond was set at $8 million. castro's brothers were cleared of charges in the case. a law enforcement source tells cbs news castro left a suicide note in his home. the handwritten letter was dated nine years ago. he admits to kidnapping the women. he claims his parents abused him as a child and his uncle raped him. the former school bus driver who was on unemployment asked that all of his money be given to his victims. cbs news has also obtained police documents detailing the women's allegations against castro. michelle knight told police she was forced to deliver amanda berry's baby in a kiddie pool as castro warned her that if the baby died he would kill her. knight said castro impregnated
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her five times. she said each time he starved her for two weeks and repeatedly punched her in the stomach until she miscarried. castro's case now goes to a grand jury. ines ferre for cbs news, cleveland. >> gina dejesus, amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter are now home with their families. michelle knight is in the hospital but in fair condition. the big question on capitol hill today, could the boston marathon bombings have been prevented? that's what former senator joe lieberman is saying. he helped create the homeland security department after the 9/11 attacks and says warning signs in this case were missed. the 2011 russian authorities told the fbi tamerlin tsarnaev might be a threat but boston' police commissioner says that information was never shared with his department. >> were you told that he posted radical jihadist websites online? >> no, mr. chairman, we were not aware of the two brothers.
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we're not aware of tamerlan's activities. >> police say bombing suspect tamerlin tsarnaev has been buried in an undisclosed location outside boston near the city of worcester. authorities had difficulty finding a community willing to take his body. the penalty phase begins today in the trial of an arizona woman convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend. a phoenix jury found jodi arias guilt of first-degree murder yesterday. travis alexander was found dead at his phoenix home in 2008 with a gunshot wound to the head, a slit throat and 30 stab wounds. as for the punishment, the convicted killer herself prefers the death penalty. >> i said years ago that i would rather get death than life, and that still is true today. i believe death is the ultimate freedom, so i'd rather just have my freedom. >> prosecutors said arias was upset after her boyfriend wanted to end their relationship. some other headlines around the bay area now. las vegas prosecutors are sinking the death penalty in
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the -- seeking the death penalty in the killing of kenneth cherry. his car slammed into a cab killing the driver and passenger. ammar harris a self-described pimp was arrested for the crime a week later. people mourning the deaths of five women in a limousine fire are being warned not to place a memorial at the scene. california highway patrol says it's not safe to put memorial items on the san mateo bridge. they are investigating the cause of the fear last saturday night all nippon airways will resume nonstop service between mineta international airport and tokyo. they have been working with the faa and boeing to fix the mechanical problems on the fleet of dreamliner. the boeing 787 will begin flying out of san jose again on june 1. so ask yourself: what is wrong with this sign on a bay
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area freeway? somebody has a little explaining to do. >> shortsighted. it's not fair. it's stupid. >> a hip clothing store now under fire. how abercrombie & fitch keeps larger women from shopping in its stores. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. low clouds and fog just slow to break up outside. but we have some much warmer days ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after a record setting strif gains. let's take a live look at the numbers... stocks are struggling for direction after a record- setting string of gangs. let's check the big board, it's down 22. another big honor for palo alto based tesla. the all-electric model s was
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named consumer reports' top scoring car in the motor city of detroit. it received an all-time high score of 99 points out of 100 in the magazine's battery of tests. that's pretty good. test although motors introduced the model s -- tesla motors introduced the model s last june. it sedan starts at $62,000 but could be higher based on battery options and upgrades. head of a popular clothing company is making no secret about the type of customers he is looking for and the type that just shouldn't bother. kpix 5's sharon chin has the skinny. reporter: the ads suggest it but now we're hearing it straight from the ceo. abercrombie & fitch doesn't want larger women wearing its clothes so it won't even stock sizes larger than a 10. >> it's shortsighted. it's not fair. >> stupid. >> i think that's unethical. >> reporter: in a new book on retail, the ceo is quoted in a 2006 interview saying abercrombie & fitch markets
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only to skinny and beautiful people. he said, candidly, we go after the cool kids. we go after the attractive all- american kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends. a lot of people don't belong in our clothes, and they can't belong. are we exclusion nary? absolutely. some abercrombie & fitch shoppers say they're disgusted. >> it's discriminating against us. it's total almost like racism against bigger people and i don't -- i don't like it. >> reporter: does that stop you from shopping at abercrombie & fitch? >> no. they are going to do what they do regardless. >> reporter: but she supports boycotting the retail. she is on the advisory board of the national association to advance fat acceptance. >> it's a horrible message to send of bigotry and intolerance and saying that -- in my opinion, it real will promotes the kind of bullying that we are trying to jump on and end. >> reporter: she says abercrombie & fitch is going backward. a number of other retailers are expanding to a larger
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demographic. for example, forever21 now sells plus sizes. and h & m features larger women in its swimsuit ads. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> calls to abercrombie & fitch were not returned. well, tonight thousands of workers are pedaling home part of the annual "bike to work" day. there's san francisco mayor ed leon bike this morning. could you bells greeted by him at the new -- cow bells greeted by him at the new bike counter. this year's theme, bikes count. starting at 5 p.m. free food and drinks at an energizer station, they are all around the bay area. in the south bay, i'd like to buy a vowel or in this case i'd like to lose a vowel. look at the highway sign near the 880/237 interchange. milpitas up there has an extra i in it. caltrans said they received wonderful can you about the typo this morning. they got a crew heading to the sign to check it out. it may be fixed by the end of
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the day. but it is kind of funny actually. i'm glad i didn't do it. >> mili pitas? >> i would have just gone right through the thing. [ laughter ] >> now they know. well, wheels going on? we have a nice weekend -- what's going on? we have a nice weekend but what's going on? >> we are breaking out of the clouds in most parts of the bay area. the fog had surged well onshore early on but it's beginning to break up. cloudy over the bay and a little sunshine, too. but as we head throughout the afternoon, i think most of that fog retreats to the coastline. warming up 68 in concord, 62 san jose and 55 degrees in san francisco. still breezy at the coastline keeping the temperatures down there plus the fog. most folks will see sunshine this afternoon. then low clouds and fog make a return tonight, but it should be warmer as we head in toward mother's day weekend. high pressure building slowly overhead today. it will bring with it some slightly warmer temperatures, still on the cool side for this time of year. numbers running a little below
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average especially out toward the beaches. it's just going to be foggy and gray and that will keep those temperatures way down. at the coast numbers in the 50s but inside the bay a little more sunshine and 60s. and a few 70s. east bay temperatures should be up into the 70s in most spots maybe even some mid-70s in the warmest areas. and just inside the bay we're looking at 66 degrees in oakland and 61 in san francisco. a cool 58 in daly city. hey, are you headed to the giants game today? they are playing the braves at 7:15. bring a jacket. it will be cool, breezy conditions, temperatures of about 57 degrees. over the next couple of days we'll see more sunshine on the way as it looks like high pressure takes over just in time for a beautiful mother's day weekend. some of those temperatures soaring well into the 80s as we head in toward sunday. all right. well, headed to new heights for mobile5 in the east bay just minutes from boarding a world war ii bomber. roberta gonzales is live in hayward. >> reporter: yes. a very special assignment today. in fact, we're going to be talking about that big bad boy
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behind me. it's historical. but right now, we have had some changing weather here in hayward. let's take a look at the weather master aboard mobile5. the air temperature is up to 60 but feels cooler than that due to the fluctuating winds up to 11 miles per hour. hey, come on over here. i want to introduce you to somebody. doug mcneeley is the airport manager here at hayward executive airport. but i have some very special guests. world war ii veterans. please introduce yourself. >> len. >> bill herman. [ inaudible ] >> smith. >> eva. >> reporter: it's a pleasure. thank you for being here today. historic day and weekend to come here at the airport. tell us about it. >> well, we're having our sixth annual hayward airport open house. it's saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. free parking, free admission. >> reporter: you're going to be giving rides aboard a historic warbird, a b-17.
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>> yes. this was built by boeing. very famous bomber. flew thousands of missions in world war ii. >> reporter: it's name is? >> the aluminum overcast. >> reporter: how fitting is that? it has a weather name to it. but i'm going to be going up on this at 12:45 today and will be bringing that flight to you coming up tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. but the public can also go on board. >> absolutely. for a fee, you can tour the airplane or take a ride and this was one of just a very few of these airplanes left in the world. >> we have a lot of free events for the kids 8 to 18 years old and we have that information for you online at i want to thank you. we are going to be getting on board the b17 historic bomber here. reporting for mobile weather, very excited, roberta gonzales for kpix 5. >> thank you. good weather for that. >> what a neat thing to ride a piece of history like that. >> absolutely. back in the usa, what we can expect from prince harry's royal tour and how he is trying to clean up his image. that and more coming up.
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honor of asian pacific heri month. last night at the grand nightclu kpix 5 and kbcw hosted a night of the food and networking in honor of asian pacific heritage month. last night at the grand knight club in san francisco, hundreds met with movers and shakers from the bay area's asian community. this event kicks off the asian heritage street fair which is a great take, next saturday may 18 at san francisco civic center. the royal playboy has
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returned but he is leaving his wild antics behind. or so he says. prince harry kicking off his royal tour in washington today. he won't be going to las vegas. he lost a game of strip billiards last time. this time the royal family homes he will stay out of the tabloids. [ indiscernible ] certain amount of privacy one should expect. >> a week-long trip will be focusing on charity work. soon the 28-year-old is expected to visit an exhibit at the u.s. capital about the removal of land mines. it's organized by halo, a charity once led by his mother, princess diana. today's tony's table is all about color and fruit. he and his daughter stephanie are slicing up tomatoes and mangos for a tasty salsa. >> reporter: all right. we are going to make this beautiful mango salsa. are you ready, stephanie? >> i'm ready.
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>> reporter: we cut up mango and cilantro. >> they have been sitting for a little bit so i wanted to add some cilantro because the oils will be released to give them extra flavor. >> reporter: beautiful. let's get going. now, we already got this all cut up. let's start with the red onions. mix those up with tomatoes. all nice colors. >> some more cilantro. >> reporter: why don't you go heed with a little lime juice. >> if you want to, when you're making this, if you roll the lime a little bit it will make it softer when you squeeze it. comes out easier. >> reporter: perfect. now, we're really going to give it a nice little kick with some jalapeno with the seeds. we are going to add a little bit of champagne vinegar, mix that around, and a little bit of olive oil. and that's it. let's enjoy. ciao, everybody. >> lunch is served. get ready to say aw. bonding time at the oakland zoo for its newest members.
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you will meet them coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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or question, call our hotli. 888 5 - helps - u. volunteers are there right a reminder if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline, 1-888-5-helps- u. we have some volunteers standing by right now to take your phone calls. some tiny new additions at the oakland zoo. you want to take a look?
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>> yeah. >> proud mama otter ginger introduced her pups to the public today. the three male otters born in february weighed less than half pound at birth. they were off exhibit until today so they could bond with the mother. this is ginger's third litter of pups. they look healthy. happy too. >> they are so much fun to watch. >> all right. >> nonstop playing. >> enjoy your thursday, folks. see you again tomorrow morning. captions by: caption colorado
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>> liam: are you sure this is how it's done? >> steffy: do you know a better way to choose paint samples for the nursery? >> liam: i don't know. one kiss, no -- two kisses, yes? >> steffy: well... i guess this one's a no, then. >> liam: [ laughs ] >> steffy: [ chuckles ] >> liam: what if i can't decide? >> steffy: [ sighs ] sometimes indecision is best. and plus you're being such a good sport. not a lot of fathers are this involved in decorating the nursery. >> liam: i want to be in on it. all of it. everything. >> steffy: really? >> liam: mm-hmm. >> steffy: well, i'm working very hard to make this f f